What exactly are STICKURNAME labels?
STICKURNAME labels are specially made in order to identify children's belongings. It's important for us that our children's objects belong only to them. No more markers on children's dishes, bottles, or clothes. Our labels can be designed quickly and enjoyably by you through our website.

How are STICKURNAME labels used?
Our company's products can be used as follows:
  1. RESISTANT SMALL AND LARGE STICKERS: on children's water bottles, food dishes, plates, glasses, books, and musical instruments.
  2. LABELS FOR CLOTHING: on pieces of clothing and jackets.
  3. KABELS FOR SHOES: to be placed inside the sole of children's shoes.
  4. MINI LABELS: place them on smaller items such as markers, rulers, glasses, calculators, mobile phones, toothbrushes, medicines, and Ι-Pads.
  5. BAG TAGS: for children's school bags and sports bags.

How many characters can I use to design the stickers?
You may use as many characters as you wish for the child's name and surname. On our website we show you an indicative preview of the final product that you will receive.

Can I write my phone number on my children's stickers?
Of course. We recommend that you always use your home landline and not your mobile phone for reasons of safety.

Can I split the pack between two names?
Unfortunately, we are unable to split a pack between two names. However, some of our other customers with multiple children get their labels printed with just their last name so everyone in the house can use them.

Can I use more than one icon for an individual packet?
You could do this by placing an order by phone.

How long will it take to get my labels and how much does shipping cost?
The production time for STICKURNAME stickers is 10 days from when you place your order on our website. Then, the shipping company with which we work needs 2-3 working days to deliver them to you at the door of your home.
The shipping costs are as follows:

FromToSimpleC.O.D.Delivery Time
ThessalonikiThessaloniki2 3 euro 5 euro1 working day
ThessalonikiRest of Greece3 euro 5 euro2-3 working days




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