The concept of SΤICKURNAME company is based on a mother's idea of manufacturing  water resistant   labels with the goal of identifying children's objects.

Dear parents,

My name is Konstantina Georgopoulou and I myself am a mother of two boys 4 and 6 years old.

On a trip abroad, I was surprised by the labels that a friend of mine in the United Kingdom used for her children's school supplies. They were beautifully designed stickers, practical, and most of all, resistant to washing and even microwave ovens. All her children's belongings had their name on their clothes, shoes, bottles, bags, etc. Meanwhile, I often lost my sons' jackets and clothing at school and had a hard time writing their name on their clothing and food dishes with a marker (and that was on a daily basis!)

So, I thought that this sort of product would be very useful for mothers. When I came back, I spent months researching forms of printing, testing the resistance of materials, and trying out ideas for layout and web development. As I researched all these materials over time, I was surprised by the fact that the companies producing labels (even abroad) are still using PVC vinyl for their manufacture.

According to studies, PVC has multiple effects on children's health, such as the following:

- It increases the probability of children developing asthma and various developmental disorders.
- It has a negative effect on children's learning capability.

You can find relevant information on this subject on the website

For the above reasons, I decided to continue my research, looking for  PVC-free materials so that I could create a product that I myself would give to my children. Thus, I managed to create the resistant  STICKURNAME  PVC-free resistant labels.

It was necessary for me to create our website  in order to provide busy mothers with the opportunity to make their choice of designs, colors, and fonts, thus creating stickers that they liked. Then, they could order them safetly on line, quickly, and most of all, in a fun way.

I hope that STICKURNAME's efforts will help our little friends become organized and enjoy the creation of our products just as much as my colleagues and I enjoy designing and producing them.

Most of all, I wish for all of us to enjoy the greatest and most important role in our life, our role as parents.

Happy parenting!!!
Konstantina Georgopoulou



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